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Make teams work efficiently is not the easiest task of a manager

All can go great for a long time and suddenly it turn sour. The manager does not always have the best position to understand what happens since sometime he/she can be part of the problem. To help teams evolve, we like to base our work on solid models. One models we like to share with our managers is the Lencioni’s pyramid model. It’s easy to understand and to memorize. Obviously this only works for certain needs. So what is the Lencioni Model?

The Lencioni Model

The Lencioni model is a framework for diagnosing and treating dysfunction within an organization. It was first published in 2002 in a book called "The Five Dysfunctions of a Team," by Patrick Lencioni which became a New York Times best seller.
Lencioni used the model to describe five main problems that plague an organization if they are not addressed properly: Trust, Conflict, Commitment, Accountability and Results. A brief video on the model is also available.
The Lencioni model is arranged in a pyramid shape, with trust as the foundation and disregard for results at the peak. The other dysfunctions are layered on top of each other in ascending order.

Leadership should recognize these dysfunctions, examine their underlying causes, and collaborate with other leaders to develop a plan for addressing them, leading to more efficient teams. To assess the level of dysfunction in your organization, consider the following questions:
Does your team feel confident in voicing their thoughts or concerns?
Do team members look forward to or dread team meetings?
Can the team make decisions efficiently without getting bogged down in lengthy discussions?
Are team members held accountable for their actions and behavior?
Does the team prioritize the collective good over individual interests?
For successful leadership, it is important to demonstrate trust and openness, foster productive disagreement, clearly define roles and responsibilities, set high yet achievable standards, and celebrate team members who exceed expectations.

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