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Insight Discovery Workshops

Why do we propose to work with Insights Discovery ?

The team building is articulated around the Insights Discovery principles. This is a learning experience that makes time for intense self-reflection and creates a safe space for employees to share their challenges and aspirations. Building on the knowledge from the Insights Discovery Personal Profile, collaborators are challenged to reflect inwards on who they are, and consider how they can build their work relationship capabilities in a way that’s authentic for them. Teams will be able to explore their own identity, and then – through a modular approach – turn their attention to communication dimensions they need to develop further.

What is the personal Insights Profile ?

Prior to the seminar everyone will complete an online questionnaire of 25 questions. It takes about 20 minutes from start to finish. Each participant will receive a copy of his/her profile in his/her native language.

This document is confidential and will only be shared with the participant during the workshop or a coaching session (GDPR compliant).
See a copy of a profile

What’s the principle of Insights Discovery ?

Insights is a 4-color model that represents the 4 main energies that we all use every day. It is the combination of these 4 energies that defines our unique personality.

This mix of colors will help us understand our personality traits and our preferences for information processing, decision-making and communication towards the team or customers.

Following the workshop we will understand ourselves better and we will understand how best to communicate with others.
Insight discovery workshop

How do we see the profiles of the whole team ?

After spending some time to understand how to use Insights Discovery as a communication toolbox, we will spend most of the time building the team cohesion by igniting conversations and interactions between the team members.

We will analyse together the “Team Wheel” which gives an intuitive understanding of each collaborator’s profile by placing everyone on the map. These exercises are powerful and always generate “wow effects”.

FAQ on Insights Discovery workshops

How long takes an Insights Workshop ?
A full day or a half day. In the case of the half day, it’s better to also consider individual profile debriefings with the coach. The debriefings take 1 hour and are done via Teams
What are the available modules in the Insights Profile ?
Base, Management, Sales effectiveness, Leadership, Interview
Can I request my profile in another language ?
Yes, many languages are available. Ask us and we will send it by email to you.
Could I offer an Insights profile to my family ?
Absolutely ! Ask us. Every year we have a special New Year offer.
What is a Team Wheel ?
It’s a map with all the participants of the team profile. You only see their colors and place on the wheel. No specific detail of the profile is shared (i.e.: strengths and weaknesses, blindspots).
Are the workshops online or on site ?


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