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We develop Leaders and their organisations:

We specialize in leadership and organizational development through a blend of diagnostic tools which can also include personality assessments and multi-rater/360 evaluations (i.e; emotional intelligence leadership report or Insights Discovery or enneagram), paired with consulting services. Our goal is to facilitate self-reflection and aid leaders, talents, teams, and organizations in reaching their goals. Our method, rooted in business experiences, leads to tangible behavioral changes and ultimately improved impact, increased well-being, and a more sustainable work environment.

Emotional Intelligence checkmarks
of the leader - assessment tool

The Leadership Report examines results through four key dimensions for high performance leaders. Dimensions are derived from 220 leaders from mid-level management through C-leadership roles across a variety of industries. As a group, leaders have a significantly higher EI than the general population (on average 14 pts).


An authentic leader serves as a role model for moral and fair behavior. A transparent approach commands esteem and confidence from employees.


A leader who coaches effectively is seen as a mentor who supports employee growth. Employees are nurtured towards achieving their highest levels of performance.


A leader provides insight by sharing a purpose and hopeful vision for colleagues to follow. Employees are compelled and inspired to exceed goals.


An innovative leader focuses on taking risks, spurring colleagues' ingenuity and autonomous thought. Knowledge is valued as learning opportunities.

Leadership and Management Development

We use our expertise as professional coaches to closely assist managers or directors to drive tangible changes in behavior that lead to improved to achieving results in the organization through Leadership and Management Development.

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