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Natacha Debock and CoachYou

The story:

Founded by Natacha Debock, CoachYou is born from the will to help employers take the turn towards an Agile and Dynamic organization, offering the perfect toolbox to better communicate, collaborate and be more productive, while protecting their well-being.

Natacha has an extensive professional experience with more than 20+ years spent at the head of commercial and marketing departments in Europe and in Silicon Valley in the U.S.A. She worked for companies of all sizes, from start-ups to corporations where she managed teams on-site but also remotely. She understands the challenges faced by today's managers. Working many years for companies such as Google, Proximus, or Just Global amongst others, where she honed her people management skills.

Throughout her career she has seen recurring people management and leadership issues, and decided to found CoachYou to help Directors become more agile in managing their teams and leverage their talents.

Natacha holds an MBA from the University of California Berkeley, a postgraduate degree in General Management from Harvard Business School.

She is a certified consultant by Insights Discovery and Enneagram iEQ9. She is also a certified professional coach by the International Coaching Federation which is the golden standard in coaching.
Founder, certified executive professional coach. 
Management & Leadership consultant.
Harvard Business School Alumni - ex-Google
Works currently all over Europe, the UK, USA, Dubai.
Speaks fluently in English & in French
+32 477 214 801
Mother of two, she horseback rides every day after work, and plays the piano (badly ;-).

Our Values ?


We have years of experience in designing team buildings, leadership trajectories and coachings. Many companies trust us because we listen to their needs and we deliver with impact. We are constantly searching new trends to help our partners with the most modern approach.


Besides an extensive career in diverse companies and markets, we are fully certified by the International Coaching Federation and by Insights.

You come first

We work fast, we are reactive and work hard to off-load you from the logistical hassles.


We work on several markets: so far we delivered in Belgium, France, The Netherlands, Spain and Dubai. We adapt to different cultures easily and travel when necessary, or deliver online sessions without loosing the impact.


Ready to work
with us?

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